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Awesome Event! Update on Senator Van Taylor Event last Friday

Posted about 2 years ago by Peggy Ostrander

Thank you all SO much for attending!  We had a great turnout of a variety of APRN's, students, RN's!  Senator Taylor made a point to personally converse with everyone in the room individually.  He said he could not believe that everyone present worked in totally different environments-hospitals, clinics, occupational health settings, home care, surgery centers, schools, universities, etc.  He also said he learned an incredible amount of information from your stories of patient struggles, insurance issues, access to care, and just about everything in-between.  He said if ALL legislators could have this experience, they'd have a positive attitude about what we do and what we need to do our jobs more efficiently.  We definitely have an APRN FAN in Senator Taylor!!  CALL TO ACTION:  Set up an appointment to MEET with your individual legislators to EDUCATE them about what we do.  TNP has handouts and talking points so you can feel comfortable that you are relaying correct and timely information.  YOUR stories ARE the most powerful....YOU can do this!  If you think not, call me and I'll go with you. FULL PRACTICE AUTHORITY 2017!  Peg