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Send Us Your Personal Letters of Support!

Posted over 1 year ago by Peggy Ostrander

This year, TNP, the APRN Alliance, and the Coalition for Health Care Access (the Full Practice Coalition) have joined forces to wage an unprecedented full practice authority campaign — Put Patients First Texas — to remove barriers standing in the way of APRNs and their patients. With two months left in the Legislative Session, now is the time to share your story and make your voice heard, and to help us secure a hearing for full practice authority bills, HB 1415/SB 681.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Write a letter of support for HB 1415/SB 681 briefly stating your name, where you live and work, and why you support HB 1415/SB 681. Here’s a sample template for your letter. Make sure to include your address in the signature so we can match you with your legislator. You can send all letters to erin@texasnp.org.
  • Get someone in your community to write a letter of support for full practice (attorney, School Board member, business owner, City Councilperson, patient, etc.). Hearing from non-NPs shows legislators that there is wide support on this issue from the public.