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April 20, 2013 Seminar Sponsors Needed

Posted almost 6 years ago by Elizabeth Farren

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I so wanted to tell you that it is I, the Seminar Fairy, who bring the very best things to the Seminar and thus, to you. Alas, I am forced to admit that it is indeed our sponsors who bring the real goodies. Fairy dust only goes so far, I'm afraid!

A secret that I've been keeping for just the right moment is that one of our sponsors is treating for breakfast the day of the Seminar, April 20, 2013! For all of us!! And that's the thing, sisters and brothers. We need sponsors to generate fun and profit! And we need more sponsors.

This is where you come in. Be a Seminar Fairy and help us get more sponsors. We have the biggies covered but need more middle price sponsors, called table sponsors. You know, they put helpful things on tables during the Seminar but at the same time they put money into the program so that we can provide our various workshops and generate some profit. You know what we do with the profit! We provide scholarships, clinic grants and keep the body and soul of NTNP together.

Attached to this impassioned plea is a copy of our sponsorship letter outlining prices for and levels of sponsorship. Accost your reps! Beg your agencies! Ask for sponsorships from any likely source. Then give them this letter and let Peggy Ostrander and Travis Poe know who will give to help our Seminar. And we will thank you by making you famous as a  .... Seminar Fairy!!!