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Donate ONE Hour of Your Salary For the Profession You LOVE

Posted 9 months ago by Peggy Ostrander

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REMINDER **May 8 PAC Fundraiser at our monthly NTNP Meeting!  Bring $25 or one hour of your salary to support YOUR profession!!

Dear NP Advocates,

The Texas Nurse Practitioners Political Action Committee (PAC) is pleased to announce our annual TNP PAC campaign: Texas Proud, NP Strong.

The Nurses Party is bigger and stronger than ever. We are nearly 20,000 nurse practitioners, and over 300,000 nurses, strong in Texas. One out of 45 voters is a nurse.  And as the most trusted profession in America, we can use our vote to help elect candidates who fight for us and fight for our patients.

I challenge you today -- not tomorrow or a week from now -- to donate just one hour of your salary to give back to the profession you love. This donation will help us support our champions in the Texas legislature so they can continue to fight for nurse practitioners in Austin. 

The TNP PAC is our collective voice in the political process, and today I ask you to add your name to our numbers. Alone, we are just individual providers trying to advocate for change, one patient at a time. Together, we are #NPStrong, advocating for policies like full practice authority that will increase access to care for ALL Texas patients. 

Yours in Solidarity,

Peggy Ostrander, TNP PAC Chair