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Preceptor of the Year Award

Posted 7 months ago by Elizabeth Farren

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Dear Folks,

March 31/2020 is the due date to nominate an NP for Preceptor of the Year. None of us would be fully functional (or maybe even here??) without our Preceptor. There would be no replacements for us without a willing precptor! Let us honor an NP who has given of themselves to create a new NP. This may be your preceptor (from however long ago) or a colleague you esteem for their generous and excellent precpting.

Attached please find the application for nomination. It also resides on our website should you need multiple copies. Give this some serious thought. Note that it is an easy straightforward application. Give this some serious thought. Maybe get together with a colleague and nominate a great preceptor.

I am so willing to help anyone with this project. Regretfully, I cannot attend the upcoming meeting 3/10, but am available by phone or email, all month: and cell: 469-475-3816. Let me hear from you. Show your grtitude by nominating a worthy NP.