North Texas Nurse Practitioners


Posted 8 months ago by Elizabeth Farren

Dear Colleagues,

We have new and helpful deadlines for submission of Philanthropy Grant applications. Grants have not changed. We still have three grants worth $2000 apiece. Now we are making them available one at a time on three new dates. We are hopeful that this will enable applicants to gain a grant in a more timely fashion. Our new dates/deadlines for application are:

January 31, 2021

May 31, 2921

September 30, 2021

Only one grant will be awarded for each application date. If no grant is funded at that time, the money will be moved to the next available date. Each deadline will fund one $2000 grant. If (forwarded) funds are available at the end of the grant period, September 30,  they will be available to fund additional grants at that time.

These new dates will be added to the Philanthropy Grant site here on our website as soon as possible. Nothing else changes with our grant process. Here are some tips to assist applicants:

1. Beth Farren and Chi-Chi Nguma will be happy to assist you in this process. Contact us by email or phone (469-475-3816) if you want help of any kind

2. You must fill out the application form on the grant site. There is a version online that you can use to give your information

3. Be sure to be as specific as possible in your budget 

4. There can be no exclusive religious requirement. That is benefits of your work must be open to all. Use of churches, temples, mosques is fine as long as the benefits are open to all.

There is so much need now as always so act on your best ideas. Ask for help if needed or reassurance if wanted. We are so fortinate to be able to fund the great ideas of NPs!