North Texas Nurse Practitioners

Preceptor of the Year

Posted 5 months ago by Elizabeth Farren

Dear Colleagues,

Hope you are all well and not too overworked.

I come to remind you that nominations for our Preceptor of the Year Award is due the end of this month, March31, 2021. I know we all hold our own preceptors close to or hearts. Participating in nominating a great preceptor honors our own preceptor as well as the person we nominate. We most often think of a student nominating a current preceptor. But any of us that witnesses a colleague doing that job should consider nominating someone we think is doing an especially great job. There is little we can do to promote our profession without the NPs that extend a hand ..... and their talents ...... into the future by sheparding a student thru the art and science we all practice. So do consider nominating someone who offers this guidance. The nomination form is here on our website in the blue column. Need any help? Let me know

Beth FarrenĀ