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HELP! HB 2029 CANNOT get out of committee!

Posted about 1 month ago by Peggy Ostrander

Our HB 2029/SB915 (Retiring APRN Delegation Requirements, Expanding Access for Patients) does NOT currently have enough votes to get out of the Public Health committee!  THE COMMITTEE MEMBERS NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU!

What can you do to help? 

  • Donate to the PAC A well-funded TNP PAC helps us reach more lawmakers so they can hear the truth about NPs and the importance of health care access in their districts. 
  • We need NPs to join TNP We simply need more NPs. We need to hear more from members regarding how these unnecessary barriers are impeding patient care and access. Please encourage your colleagues to not wait, but to join TNP today.
  • Go to our Grassroots Center and email your legislator today.
  • Share your story with TNP. If you have a story to tell about how these barriers are impacting access in your area or impeding you being able to have a business in Texas, email
  • Follow the Texas for Healthcare Access Coalition on social media and help amplify the message. New messages are going out daily. 

Facebook: @Texans4HCAccess

Twitter: @Texans4HCAccess


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TNP is here to help our voices be heard, but we can’t do it without NP support. Let’s band together and fight the misinformation and most importantly never stop working to provide for More Access and More Options for patients in Texas.