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A Message from TNP President Sandy McCoy

Posted about 8 years ago by Sharon Hillgartner

Check out the great editorial that appeared in the 11/29/2010 Dallas Morning News.


You may remember the recent announcement that TNP has hired two highly respected lobbyists.  Things are moving in a positive direction and we are already seeing interest from legislators and we will have another major announcement in the near future that I know you will all be excited with.  Our team is meeting with leaders of the legislature and other influential policy people from around the state and I am very excited about the prospects for the upcoming session.  However, TNP still needs your help.

The TNP Board of Directors is determined to fight for complete autonomy and full prescriptive authority and our legislative team will accept nothing less. 

However, we still need your helpIf you have not already done so, please volunteer to make legislative visits by emailing David Williams at david@texasnp.org and he will provide you all the details on how our grassroots effort will dovetail with our professional lobby efforts. 

He currently has more than 40 volunteers more are needed.  Our success depends on you so please join me and help us reach a goal of 100 volunteer NPs that will make 2 to 3 visits during the first 5 months of next year to the capitol in Austin.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I look forward to seeing you soon in Austin.


Sandy McCoy