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Grant Application for NTNP Charitable Donation

Posted over 7 years ago by Elizabeth Farren

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Dear Colleagues,

Here is our first grant application which we hope you will offer to organizations you believe worthy of NTNP philanthropy. This is our attemp to enlarge our sphere of giving and to have a rational and fair process for sharing our blessings. Please encourage clinics you support for medically underserved persons to apply for a grant. Also consider a charitable organization to which you belong or whose work you admire that you would like to see granted funds. Simply download the application and put it in the hands of a person able to implement the application for their clinic or organization. The application will remain up untill the dealine for completion. Please address any questions to Beth Farren (Board member) or Robert Dudley (co-philanthropy chair), both of whom you will find here on our members list.