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NTNP 2014 Sponsor Letter

Posted almost 5 years ago by Clinton Swingle

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Our 2014 Spring Conference is going to be held April 5, 2014. We will be sending out registration information in the future. Our annual conference is the way we raise money to support our state, national and local NP organizations. Last year we gave TNP $12,000 to help fight for our profession.  I wanted to ask all members and followers of NTNP to help us get sponsors for our event. You can help in two ways. One, collect drug reps cards or contact information and bring them to meeting or send me (Clinton Swingle) the information at cjswingle@pobox.com and I will contact them about being a sponsor.  Two, I have attached the sponsor letter that you can give or send to them yourself if you would like to give them something yourself. Thanks for your help