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Volunteers Needed for Visits to Legislative Representatives

Posted about 7 years ago by Robert Metzger

Volunteers willing to make visits to their legislators are needed.

Specifically, TNP and NTNP are looking for nurse practitioners that reside in the home district for Representative Rafael Anchia. He lives in Dallas and is one of our targeted legislators who TNP believes will be supportive of autonomous practice for nurse practitioners. Representative Anchia’s district also covers the Parkland Health and Hospital System. If you want someone to go with you, please contact Robert Metzger. He is the TNP Representative for Dallas. He also lives within Representative Anchia’s district and is willing to make a group visit with any other members.

Constituents in the district of Cindy Burkett of Mesquite and Stefani Carter of Dallas are also being asked to make visits to their representatives.

Would you please check and see if you live in any of these districts? If so, would you be willing to make visits? You can verify your district by going to http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/. Put in your addresses to determine who represents you in the Texas House and Senate.

For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Robert Metzger at MetzgerRL@aol.com or David Williams at david@texasnp.org.

Thanks for your help,

Texas Nurse Practitioners and North Texas Nurse Practitioners