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Posted almost 7 years ago by Lesa Walker

For those who have previously signed up as preceptors to help NTNP students, PLEASE READ!!!

We have always offered preceptor list free to our student members.  With our current website, they are currently unable to view your info withour paying a $29 fee.  I cannot even access your info as president of the organizaiton at this time!  But anyone on the website, whether a member of NTNP or not is currently able to pay $29 to view your info.

We would like to create a list internally that will be viewable under a member only tab soley for our members.  PLease "contact us" with your preceptor information but DO NOT sign up on this website the way it is now unless you would like it to be available at a cost to everyone.  We will also have a sign up sheet at tomorrow's meeting.  If you would like to remove yourself from the paid list, go to your "home page" and "manage your preceptorship" and it shouold remove you.

See you at the final meeting of the year tomorrow!!