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North Texas Food Bank Gets Matching Grant

Posted almost 7 years ago by Elizabeth Farren

Dear Nurse Practitioners,

Our North Texas Food Bank has just announced a 1 million dollar matching grant. This means any money we donate will be matched one for one. Usually we donate at Christmas when they have such a grant but this last Christmas they didn't have one so we bided our time. Now we can strike with double force!

Please bring a donation for the NTFB to our 3/13 meeting this coming Tuesday. One hundred and thirty of us are signed up for this meeting so we ought to be able to give NTFB quite a lift with that many of us chipping in. Cash is always lovely but if you wish to write a check, please write it to North Texas Nurse Practitioners and our Treasurer will write us one big beautiful check for those hungry families and school kids without weekend food and elders skrimping by and those grandparents raising grandkids ...on and on. If you are not one of the 130 coming Tuesday but, of course, still want to be a part of this, you can mail a check to our PO Box. You knocked me over with your generosity last time we did this. I know you will again.

Your Philanthropy coChairs

Robert Dudley and Beth Farren

(that's Beth and Bob, isn't it? :) )