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Help with Kelly Hancock Campaign

Posted over 6 years ago by Robert Metzger

Chris Kirby, Kelly Hancock's campaign manager, is needing some APRNs to go out and block walk/phone bank for them this Saturday (3-31). They need approximately 10 people, and obviously this takes quite a bit of prep on their end to make it run smoothly. TNP begs for your help to locate as many volunteers as we can find. 

Kelly Hancock was a big supporter last session and is currently running for the senate against a well-funded TMA candidate. For us to have any chance at passing anything of significance, we need a strong senator like Kelly Hancock. 

If you are able to assist, please contact David Williams at TNP or by email david@texasnp.org and he will connect you to the campaign. 

Thank you very much. 
David Williams