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Article in Dallas Morning News regarding Collin County

Posted about 6 years ago by Robert Metzger

This article ran in the Dallas Morning News today and was sent to us from Texas Nurse Practitioners.  In the article it notes that fewer and fewer physicians are accepting Medicaid patients and even those who do, there aren't enough around to provide care to all of those in need.  
It would be great if any members in NTNP could post comments on the site or send a letter to the editor, especially if you live within Collin County.  This would be an ideal article to note that we have nurse practitioners who can fill the void.  You may even want to mention that in the DFW area you have a pediatric nurse practitioner, Marty Strong, who despite the complex and burdensome regulations is providing care to the very population mentioned in the article.  
If anyone needs help with a response, David Williams is happy to assist you. 
You can email him at david@texasnp.org.
Robert Metzger, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC
North Texas Nurse Practitioners, President