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Happy New Year from and for Nurses!

Posted almost 6 years ago by Elizabeth Farren

Happy New Year Dear Friends!
I'm sitting watching the Rose Bowl parade and for the first time EVER there is  nurses' float! The commentators for the parade tell us that the float won the Craftsmen Award, is over 55 feet long and symbolizes what it takes to be a nurse. The commentary went something like this ...  It is called THE HEALING PLACE and the beauty and charm of the float sybolize what it means to be a nurse: character and commitment. In 2007 five nurses met to form a nonprofit organization to build a float in honor of their profession. Al Roger (The Today Show) shared that his sister is a nurse  ... quite proud of her ... and that the President of the Rose Bowl Parade this year is a nurse.

The float is lovely and peaceful with huge owls, Bambi and Mom, lots of birds of different kinds and several nurses in uniforms, scubs, lab coats ... they got us all! There is a tape running along the apron of the float saying  ... a nurse is ..... I couldn't catch all the symbolism even though I replayed it many times just to get the basics, but you can be proud. I thought you would all want to know about this so fogive the intrusion into your email. On our website, I enabled this announcement for comments if you wish. I want to say my hat's off to the the nurses that did this for the last five years to get us here!

with love and admiration for all of you, Beth Farren


Carol Bjorkman over 5 years ago

I saw it too and was most impressed! Great title too... the healing place. Hats off to us as nurses! Carol Bjorkman

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