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KERA Volunteer Event

Posted about 8 years ago by Lesa Walker

I want to give a big thank you to Maureen Eason for organizing our group to help out with the KERA fundraiser.  It is one of the ways to possibly get visibility for our group in a non-medical arena.  I think most who attended had a good time and enjoyed getting out of the typical nursing volunteer role.

Thanks to the following for making it a fun, successful venture:

Lara Cline                      Paula MIller

Pat Davis                       Nelly Mwaniki

Geri Disnard                  Bonnie Owens

Maureen Eason             Phyllis Parker

Beth Farren                   Mercede (Bing) Pineda

Cheryl Levine                Anne Thomson

Julie Lyons                    Lesa Walker


Bonnie Owens almost 8 years ago

It really was great fun ! I would do it again ..anytime !! Got to bond with a neighbor , who will now be my traveling buddy .Thanks again Maureen , nice job in the organization. Bonnie

Sharon Hillgartner almost 8 years ago

You all make me PROUD to be part of this great organization. Thanks for representing us!

Nelly Mwaniki almost 8 years ago

I had a good time getting to do something "different"...kudos to Maureen for putting everything together!!

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