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Posted over 6 years ago by Lesa Walker

Home Health Care is still on the tabel.

Remeber this issue from last summer?  This is at the Federal level, so contact your US Rep and US Senator, not your state reps.

Medicare languaging allowed NPs to become primary care providers several years ago, yet at that time we were left out of the languaging for signing off on home health orders.  This means that if I have a medicare patient, he or she must waste time and money seeing a physician to get certified for home health and I must waste time getting all subsequent orders signed off by my physician, which involves tracking them down, wasting time and resources.  Even if you do not think this affects you in your practice, it does affect many or your fellow NP professionals, so I would urget you to use the following link to a well written letter and take action on behalf of our professiona and our patients today.

Thanks, Lesa Walker, advocacy chairperson



Rose P. Bagh over 6 years ago

Lesa, I signed the petition on the AANP website and forwarded to 6 of my friends also urging them to sign the petition as well. Thank you.


Mona Cheung over 6 years ago

Do you have the link?

Mona Cheung over 6 years ago

I saw the link thks

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