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Your Philanthropy

Posted over 6 years ago by Elizabeth Farren

You are heros!

Our collection for the North Texas Food Bank taken up at Tuesday's meeting (3/13/12) netted $705 in the form of cash and checks. Given the matching grant that the Food Bank announced, this will merit the Food Bank $1410! This is a donation striaght from your own personal wallets with no treasury money involved this time.

In addition to their traditional services, the Food Bank's most recent project is a weekend backpack of food for children that would otherwise have little to no food over the weekend while they are away from the school breakfast and lunch offerings. Shocking to think of but, unfortunately, all too common. The Food Bank provides each needy child with a personal backpack and supply of appropriately packaged food for the weekend. Just think of the help you have provided.

I am, as always, completely in awe of all that you do and I hope you are as well. Be proud. Be very proud.

Beth Farren and Robert Dudley

Philanthropy Chairs


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